Die Historische Kommission bei der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, gegründet 1858, leistet mit Quelleneditionen vom Spätmittelalter bis zur Zeitgeschichte Grundlagenforschung zur deutschen Geschichte. Ihr zweiter Arbeitsschwerpunkt ist die historisch-biographische Arbeit in Form von Deutscher Biographie und Repertorium Academicum Germanicum. Damit stellt sie Forschungsinformationsinfrastruktur für alle historisch arbeitenden Wissenschaften zur Verfügung.

Seit der Jahrtausendwende werden die Arbeitsergebnisse zunehmend auch in digitaler Form (Open Access) präsentiert. Im Bereich der digitalen Wissenschaftskommunikation engagiert sich die Historische Kommission auch methodisch.


The Historical Commission at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities was founded in 1858 and is located in Munich. The institution fulfills fundamental research goals by publishing source material and depictions of events in German history from the Middle Ages to contemporary history (e.g. Documents for the Imperial German Diet, Documents of the Reich Chancellery, Government Hitler 1933-1945) in print and online. The material published so far comprises approximately 700 volumes.

The Commission's second mission is historical-biographical research. The website Deutsche Biographie (http://www.deutsche-biographie.de, a joint project with the Bavarian State Library, represents the electronic version of the highly renowned printed encyclopedias Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (ADB) and Neue Deutsche Biographie (NDB), including 48.000 biographies and more than 500.000 entries on historical figures; the articles include internet links to other significant historical institutions whose goal it is to provide the current state of historical research and to preserve cultural assets, thus making the Deutsche Biographie the largest source on biographical material in the German-speaking world. The Repertorium Academicum Germanicum (RAG) The Graduated Scholars of the Holy Roman Empire between 1250 and 1450 (http://www.rag-online.org) collects biographical and social data on those theologians, jurists, physicians, and Masters of Arts who studied at a university at the time. Entries on up to 50.000 scholars are to be included.

Since the turn of the century, the research results are increasingly published in digital form (Open Access) once they are completed. In addition, the Historical Commission also contributes methodically to the field of digital scientific communication.

Die Historische Kommission bei der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften ist Mitglied im Kompetenzverbund Historische Wissenschaften München